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As the ITE Library is a College Library, it is only open for use to Staff and Students and registered members like ITE Alumni members. Users are expected to abide by the Library Etiquette and policies on the use of the Library and its resources and facilities.  The Library rules and regulations are made so all users may enjoy maximum use of the facilities.

Please co-operate with the Library Staff, Student Librarians and Student Guidance Officers.

  1.     Show your Staff/ Student identification card upon request.
  2.     Be attired appropriately in the Library.
  3.     Do not bring food and drinks into the Library.
  4.     Do not bring personal mobility devices into the Library, example bicycles, skateboards, kick-scooters, electric scooters, electric unicycles and electric hoverboards.
  5.     When the Security Gate Alarm is triggered, please go to the Counter and allow the Library Staff on duty to check your belongings.
  6.     Seek permission from the Library Manager in writing before you take photos or film in the Library.
  7.     Graduating students must return all library outstanding loans and settle fines within two weeks before the end of their course.
  8.     ITE staff must return all library items and/or clear any outstanding fines before their leaving service.

The following violations are liable for disciplinary action which may include eviction from library premises, suspension from using the library, being reported to Director of School and Disciplinary Committee.

  1. Removing materials from the Library beyond the Security Gate without borrowing them is considered stealing.
  2. Mutilating library materials, littering and vandalising library property.
  3. Playing of poker card games within the Library.
  4. Abusive, disruptive, rude or unreasonable behaviour causing disturbance to others.

We are committed to offer the best service possible to library members in a pleasant and conducive learning environment. As the library is a communal learning space for individual study and collaborative learning, it is important for users to be responsible and considerate towards one another at all times. Please practice good library etiquette so as to contribute to a positive library experience for all. Everyone can help by following these simple rules:

  1. Be considerate and maintain a quiet environment at all times. (Students who behave in an abusive, disorderly, disruptive, indecent, offensive, or unreasonable manner will be asked to leave the Library. Offenders will be reported to the Student Guidance Officers and their Class Advisor, and in some cases to the Director of School and Disciplinary Committee).

  2. Do not sleep in the library.

  3. Return library items and settle fines and other charges promptly.

  4. Return all browsed materials to the trolley on each floor.

  5. Handle library materials and property with care.

  6. Switch your mobile devices to silent mode.

  7. Food and drinks are not allowed, with the exception of covered drinks.

  8. Keep the library litter-free at all times.

  9. Avoid sitting between the shelves so as not to obstruct other users from accessing the books or magazines.

The Library reserves the right to debar members if they violate the Library rules and regulations

  1. Staff/ Student cards are not transferable. The use of the card is restricted to the user to whom the card is issued. 
  2. Users are held responsible for all resource materials borrowed under their names until the loans are cancelled.
  3. Users must check that all resource materials in their possessions are checked out before they leave the Library.
  4. Items must be returned or renewed when due.  Items for renewal can be renewed online or brought in personally to the Counter. Overdue and reserved books may not be renewed.
  5. Any resource material on loan to any reader may be recalled and if it is so recalled must be returned promptly.
  6. Items for return may be deposited into the Book Drop outside the Library. The Library accepts no claims for any books returned via the book drop.
  7. Users must report any mutilation found in books before borrowing, otherwise they are liable to pay for damages when the books are returned.
  8. Return library items and settle fines and other charges promptly.
  9. A user who has resigned from the services of ITE or completed the course of study in ITE must return all materials borrowed before the last day of service/study.
  10. Users must ensure that their contact information shown in My Account page is up-to-date.  It is possible to self-update your account or inform the Library Staff at the counter.
  11. Members are deemed to have read and understood the details of Membership & Loan Privileges, and Rules & Regulations.

Borrowers are responsible for returning their loans on or before the date due. This is to ensure that other users will also have access to these materials.

All users will be sent a Courtesy Reminder Notice to their registered email accounts before the due date. 

Please note it is the duty of all Library Users to return/renew their items on time.  Non-receipt of email reminders is not an acceptable reason for late returns/renewals.

  1. You can access your account to check if you have any outstanding fines for settlement.
  2. The fine charges per day for overdue items are 20 cents for staff and 10 cents for students. All fines must be paid when the overdue materials are returned. Payment must be made by electronic means eg. Nets, QR Nets, Ez-Link Card, Debit Card or Credit Card.
  3. No fines are imposed on the days (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) when the Libraries are closed.
  4. Your borrowing privileges will be suspended if you have not paid your outstanding fines.
  1. Loans may be renewed online provided that the materials are not reserved by another reader. Borrowers with overdue materials may renew the loan and pay the overdue fines when the materials are returned.
  2. Two renewals are allowed per loan.
  1. An item which is out on loan can be reserved. Users can do it on their own through the OPAC or request the Library Staff to reserve items that are out on loan for them.
  2. A notification will be sent to the reader when the items become available. 
  1. Reservations can be placed only for items on loan and in-process via the Library Portal. Items with "Available" status cannot be reserved unless the items are from another College library.
  2. For "Available" items found in other Colleges, you are able to book the item and we will arrange for you to borrow them. For "Available" items in your College, we would appreciate if you can pick them up from our shelves. We would be glad to assist if you are not able to find them. Please take note that our current system is not restricting such request and your understanding is appreciated. 
  1. All users are responsible for any lost or damage of items taken out in their name. They are to observe all necessary care and precaution to prevent any loss or damage to the material. They should not mark or mutilate the materials in any way.


  1. Any loss or accidental damage should be reported to the Library Staff immediately. 

  2. Users who lose or damage Library materials are liable to pay for the loss or damage plus a surcharge as follows:
    • For lost or damaged library items, user needs to pay the admin charge of $10 per library item plus the original cost of the item;
    • User is not allowed to buy replacement copy for the lost/damaged item in exchange for waiver of charges.
    • If the lost/damaged item is an Accompanying Material, the cost of the main item will be computed and payable by user. The main item will be given to the user upon payment.

  3. Payment must be made by electronic means eg. Nets, QR Nets, Ez-Link Card, Debit Card or Credit Card.

  4. The payment for loss of Library materials and the surcharge are not refundable in the event that they are later found and returned to the Library.

The computers and project rooms provided for Library Users is to ensure that such resources allow for students and staff to have access to facilities that will aid in their learning. The Library expects that users will handle the facilities with due care and users should not abuse their privilege.

Users of Computers will be subject to Disciplinary Action should they be found:

  1. Accessing of undesirable Internet sites and downloading, printing and circulating of undesirable materials.
  2. Sharing passwords or using another user’s account and password. Computer accounts and passwords must be kept strictly confidential.
  3. Changing the PC system setup – including the installation of software not owned by the Library.
  4. Duplicating or downloading any software or media. This infringes copyright regulations and offenders will be liable for legal action.

Watching movie video AV  in the Library, whether the DVD is personal copy or loan items from library contravenes copyright laws and offenders will be liable for legal action.

Disciplinary Action may be taken against those who do the following:

  1. Vandalising the room and equipment.
  2. Consuming food within the premises.
  3. Making excessive noise.



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