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Future of Work and Learning

Published on Friday, September 20, 2019

Future of Work and Learning

In tandem with the Teacher's Conference 2019, ITE Library has curated a list of resources to support this special event! The guide is at https://ite-sg.libguides.com/FutureOfWork

What does the guide entail?

Smart Learning

Technological advances have created new and exciting tools that are not just useful for our daily lives, but also important in the classrooms. Pedagogy is no longer confined to lecturers flashing out lecture notes on the whiteboard in one-way communication. Smart Learning now involves the use of tools such as ‘Google Classroom’ and ‘Microsoft Teams’ in today's classrooms. Apart from enhancing lessons, how do such tools measure learners' performance? What kinds of analytics do these tools offer and how do educators gain insights from the data?
We have included resources on
Digital Tools and Performance Analytics.

Authentic Environment

While traditional learning is conducted in classrooms, lecture halls or laboratories, some people prefer to learn while having hands-on training in an authentic (instead of simulated) work environment.

Research has shown that such a work-based learning (WBL) environment can inculcate relevant and task-oriented skills sets that students can use immediately upon graduation, usually with the companies that have hosted them before.

For mature learners, WBL can supplement traditional academic courses, and is suitable for those who wish to update their skills after gaining some work experience.

In the current age of digital transformation and lifelong learning, technological advances have made WBL more sophisticated and appealing, even to people who are used to traditional learning methods.
We have curated some resources on Work-Based Learning (WBL) and Assessment.



What careers have emerged that cater to the future? Check out the assessment tests you can undertake to determine your career path.

The Library also has a booth at the
Teacher’s Conference 2019. 
Come and see us!

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Author: Ismail Sukardi

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