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Upgrade from Lynda.com to LinkedIn Learning

The upgrade of Lynda.com to LinkedIn Learning was completed in mid-Sep 2019.  Lynda.com is now LinkedIn Learning and 100% of Lynda.com’s courses and instructors have moved to LinkedIn Learning.  Your account with all your learning activity and history will be seamlessly transferred to LinkedIn Learning.

For existing Lynda.com users, you will receive an email to activate your LinkedIn Learning account. You may click the "Activate account now" button from that email and follow the instructions to activate your account.  When you click on the activation link: 

1.    You will need to login via SSO using your ITE email;  
2.    You will be prompted to choose whether you want to connect to your personal LinkedIn Profile.  We recommend that you continue the activation without connecting as shown below:



Note: If you choose to connect to your personal LinkedIn account, you will need to login with your personal email when accessing the LinkedIn Learning courses for every new session in MyConnexion.

For more information, please refer to the FAQs on LinkedIn Learning’s Learner Upgrade site

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You can login to LinkedIn Learning as follows :


Click "Sign in" button at  http://www.linkedIn.com/learning :  




Click “Sign in with your organization account” as shown below :




Key in ITE domain i.e. ite.edu.sg and click “Continue”:




You will see the screen below. Wait for about 10 seconds and you will be directed to Microsoft Azure login page.




At Microsoft Azure login page, key in your ITE email and click “Next” to proceed:





Key in your ITE password and click “Sign in”:




For new users, your LinkedIn Learning account will be created upon successful login and you will direct the LinkedIn Learning’s Welcome page as shown below.  Select your profile preference and you will end up at LinkedIn Learning home page eventually.


For existing users, you will be directed your LinkedIn Learning home page.



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