Technology in Education

Monday, October 7, 2019

Technology in Education

We are living in exciting times. Technology is rapidly-evolving, especially in the education landscape. Buzzwords such as virtual reality and smart classrooms are common. ITE library has prepared a LibGuide on ‘Technology in Education’. Check it out at https://ite-sg.libguides.com/EdTech

What to expect in the Guide: 

Blended Learning using LMS

Blended learning enables a student to learn at his own pace, time and place using online instructional tools, which are blended into regular classroom learning that requires the physical presence of both teacher and student. This blend of online and physical learning environments offers the best of both modes of pedagogy. 

Immersive technology

Immersive technology refers to any technology that is used to emulate the physical world though simulation, thereby creating a sense of immersion. Such technologies include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Merged Reality.

Engaging Learning

How do you engage learning online? A framework is necessary to guide the teacher in creating a curriculum that employs technology to boost content delivery, interactivity and student engagement.

Assessment for and of learning

In the online environment, assessing student learning is an essential component of effective teaching and learning. As always, the foundation of clearly-defined learning outcomes is necessary for your courses – how do we then assess if the learning method is effective and how do we assess the students as well?

Learning Advisement

How can we weave technologies in Learning Advisement? This can be done by using technologies such as Chatbots driven by Artificial Intelligence to promote adaptive learning.



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