Full-time students can join the Library Club in their College as their CCA.  All members have to contribute a minimum of 3 hours per week to carry out the core duties. Special duties will be assigned to members who are able to contribute more time to the club. Library Club members are given the opportunity to choose the various areas of special duties to develop their leadership and other related lifeskills.


Through these activities, members earn themselves real work experience with the benefits of gaining life skills such as information search, customer service and the systematic arrangement of library collections. There are also opportunities for Library Club members to attend training and workshops organised to equip them with library related skills.







With effect from January 2013, a revised CCA Marking Scheme, known as PRAISE, will reward you for your involvement in a variety of activities under the 8 Student Development tracks, including enrichment programmes, CCAs, community service, competitions and more.

Participation in such activities will allow you to accumulate marks which will translate into CCA marks and corresponding GPA Advantage Points.


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