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1.  What do I need to borrow materials or book a resource in the Library?

You would need your student or staff pass, or NRIC to do so. Before that, you need to be a student or staff of ITE or be an alumni member of the ITE Library.

2.  What are the opening times of the Library?

The ITE Library is opened every day from Mon-Fri, from 8.30am to 6pm. We are not opened on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

3.  What is the loan period for the items?

Please refer to the Loan Privileges to determine what is the loan period for you.

4.  Can I extend my loan period?

You can extend the loan period via the library portal.  There is a maximum of 2 renewals per loaned item.

If your items are returned late, there will be an overdue fine. Please see the Loan Privileges for the charges due.

5.  What should I do if I have forgotten my password for access to my Student Portal?

Please go to the Customer Service Centre in your College to get it reset.


1.  How can I find out what’s available in the Library?

The ITE Library is a school library so you will be able to find academic titles related to the courses covered in the Colleges. We also carry a range of pedagogic related titles and books for general interest reading.

You can do an online search of our OPAC for titles or browse the shelves to see what’s available.

We also do provide monthly alerts which you can sign up for to be notified if there are new additions to our collection in the areas of your interest.


2.  How do I recommend a title to the Library?

You can do so by writing to your College Librarians or login to your Library portal account (https://library.ite.edu.sg) and click the draw down menu under by the side of your name and select "Recommend Resource". 


3.  How do I get access to online resources?

You can access the online resources here.


1.  What is the Reference & Information Services?

Reference & Information Services provides Library users who are doing research with the help needed to source and verify the resources needed. You may submit your reference query here.


2.  Can I borrow library books from a different ITE Library?

Yes, this is possible. Just go to the online portal and look up for the title you want in the OPAC. Next, select Book/Reserve to tag the item to your account. The library material(s) will be despatched to your College and you will be notified to collect it.


3.  Can I return NLB books at the ITE Library?

No, this is not possible as NLB and ITE Libraries are not related to each other. Please ensure you return the loaned materials to the correct NLB or ITE Library.


1.  How can I find out about Library Events?

You can find out about the Library Events by looking at the Calendar or under “Events” in the Activities tab.


2.  How do I sign up for Library Events?

Some events do not require pre-registration. For those that do so, you will be able to see the information when you read about the event.


3.  Are the Library Events free?

Yes, most of our Library Events are free as we work with our partners to bring in engaging, educational and enriching activities for you at no cost. If a Library Event requires a fee, it will be clearly indicated.


1.  When is the Library open?

The Library is open every weekday from 8.30am to 6.00pm, except on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.


2.  How do I book a room or a computer?

You would need to use the computer kiosk in the Library to book the use of a room or computer. You would need to access your Student/ Staff Portal and have your password on hand.


3.  Is there any printing service available?

Yes, there are printing services available in all 3 Libraries. Check with the counter on how to use it.


4.  Can audio-visual materials be loaned out for viewing on my own laptop or computer in the Library?

No. All audio-visual materials should be loaned and viewed at home only.


1.  Why can’t I make a lot of noise in the Library?

The Library is intended for learning and reading and thus, we encourage our users to be mindful of other users who are doing so. While we are tolerant of some level of noise especially during the peak hours and when there’s an Event going on in the Library, we would appreciate if you would be considerate in the amount of noise you generate.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you persistently make a lot of noise despite our reminders to lower your volume.


2.  Can I take photos or videos in the Library?

Photography or filming is strictly not permitted without prior written request and approval by the Library. Please write to the Library Manager of your College for permission.


3.  Can I use my mobile phone in the Library?

We recognise that the mobile phone does not just function primarily as a phone but has other uses as well, such as for reading or for games. Whilst we do not prohibit the usage of mobile phones within the Library, we do seek your co-operation in ensuring that your usage of your mobile phone does not cause a distraction or disturbance to other users.


4.  Can I bring in my personal belongings into the Library?

You are allowed to bring in your personal belongings into the Library, provided that these items are not a fire-hazard or would make the environment unpleasant for others (yes, no durians are allowed in the Library). Please ensure that you keep your personal belongings in your own care as the Library is not held responsible for any losses of personal property.


5.  Can I bring food into the Library?

We do not allow the consumption of food and drinks in the Library as this would attract unwanted pests that would make the environment unpleasant. Users who breach this Library Rule will be asked to leave the premises.


6.  Where can I find out more about the Rules & Regulations of the Library?

You can find more information here.


Last update 5 May 2020

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