Digital Economy
 Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence by Harry Collins


How Artificial Intelligene Will Impact Society by CHrista C. Hogan


Artificial Intelligence for Dummies by John Paul Mueller; Luca Massaron


How Virtual Reality Will Impact Society by Cecilia Pinto McCarthy


How Nanotechnology Will Impact Society by John Hakala




Mobile Robotics by Luc Jaulin


Drones and Flying Robots by Mary Lindeen


Zoom in on Medical Robots by Sara L. Latta


Zoom in on Industrial Robots by Sara L. Latta


Zoom in on Caregiving Riobots by Jill Sherman


Zoom in on Educational Robots by Sara L. Latta


Zoom in on Domestic Robots by Jill Sherman



 Digital Media

Introduction to Digital Media by Alessandro Delfantil; Adam Arvidsson


Digital Rebirth by Marius Leibold; Svn C. Voelpel 


The Digital Divide by Jan Van Dijk


Cybersecurity for Dummies by Joseph Steinberg

 Intelligent Transportation

How Drones will Impact Society by John Hakala


How Self-driving Cars will impact Society by Jessica Mosloski


How the Automobile Changed the World by Craig E. Blohm


The Evolution of Transportation Technology by Joss Lake


Intelligent Vehicles by Felipe Jimenez (editor)



 Smart Homes

How Your House Works by Charlie Wing


Smart Cities, Smart Future by Mark Barlow; Cornelia Levy-Bencheton


Solar Energy by Colin Grady


21st-Century Surveillance Technologies by Daniel E. Harmon

 3D Printing

How 3D Printing Will Impact Society by Cecilia Pinto McCarthy


3D Materials and Construction Possibilities by Loretta Waldman


Future Uses and Possibilities of 3D Printing by Jeri Freedman (contribution by)











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