Digital Economy
  Social Media Tools & Know-Hows

Understanding Social Media by Pamela Dell


Social Media Marketing for Dummies by Shiv Singh; Stephanie Diamond


Instagram for Dummies by Corey Walker; Eric Butow; Jennifer Herman


Instagram : Visual Social Media Cultures by Tama Leaver; Tim Highfield; Crystal Abidin
ISBN : 9781509534395


Blogging for Dummies by Amy Lupold Bair


Facebook Marketing for Dummies by Stephanie Diamond; John Haydon


Digital Marketing All-in-One for Dummies by Stephanie Diamond

  Social Media For Teaching

Social LEADia : Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership by Jennifer Casa-Todd


Global Perspectives on Social Media in Tertiary Learning and Teaching by Inna Piven; Robyn Gandell; Maryann Lee; Ann M. Simpson


Preparing the Next Generation of Teachers for 21st Century Education by Siew Fan Tang; Chee Leong Lim (Editors)


Leading 21st-Century Schools : Harnessing Technology fro Engagement and Achievement


Get Scrappy by Nick Westergaard


The Digital Citizenship Handbook fro School Leaders by Mike Robble; Mart Park Park


Closing the Gap by Nicol R. Howardf; Regina Schaffer; Sarah Thomas

  Social Media : Skills for Future Careers

Effective SEO and Content Marketing by Nicholas Papagiannis


Dynamic Digital Marketing by Dawn McGruer


Lifestyle Gurus by Chris Rojek; Stephanie A. Baker


Technology and Events by Vanessa Martin; Luiz Cazarre; Alexandre Zubaran.


The New Digital Storytelling : Creating Narratives with New Media by Bryan Alexander


How the Internet is Changing the World by Bradley Steffens

  Social Media Safety and Savviness

From Smartphones to Social Media by Mark Carrier


Cyber Nation by Kathryn Hulick


You Are the Product by Avery Elizabeth Hurt


Teens and Social Media by Bonnie Hinman





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