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  How do I spark creativity & learning in my students?
Boredom Busters
by Katie Powell
  Drawn to Teach
by Josh Stumpenhorst
Enriching the Learning
by Michael Roberts
  Creatively Productive
by Lisa Johnson
Shake up Learning
by Kasey Bell
  100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Engaging Learners
by Jon Tait
Motivating and Inspiring Students
by Robert J. Marzano
  The Teacher 50
by Baruti K. Kafele
Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains
by Donna Wilson
  How do I include search, writing skills, & fake news (info literacy) into my lessons?
Introduction to Information Literacy for Students
by Michael C. Alewine
  Smart Online Searchingvby Mary Lindeen
Smart Internet Surfing
by Mary Lindeen
  Using FIVES for Writing
by Mary Shea
Fake News
by The New York Times Editorial
  Fake News and the Manipulation of Public Opinion
by Carla Mooney
News Literacy
by Michelle Luhtala
  Fact vs. Fiction
by Jennifer LaGarde; Darren Hudgins
When Content Goes Viral
by Brian White
  Everything You Need to Know about Fake News and Propaganda
by Carol Hand
Staying Safe Online
by Ben Hubbard
  How do I make my lessons fun & interesting?
Power up Your Classroom
by Lindsey Blass
  EDrenaline Rush
by John Meehan
Handbook of Research on Immersive Digital Games in Educational Environments
by Aliane Loureiro Krassmann (Editor)
  Make Learning Magical
by Tisha Richmond
Teaching Coding Through Game Creation
by Sarah Kepple
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