Nursing : Health Education


Nursing : health education and improving patient self-management by Barbara Sassen



Nursing practice by Ian Peate, Karen Wild (editors)



Nursing procedures made incredible easy! edited by Adele Webb



Medical Terminology for Dummies by Beverley Henderson; Jennifer L. Dorsey



Stroke nursing edited by Jane Williams, Lin Perry, Caroline Watkins



Fundamentals of assessment and care planning for nurses by by Ian Peate



Digital Health Promotion by Ivy O'Niel



  Managing Diabetes


Care of people with diabetes: a manual for healthcare practice by Trisha Dunning; Alan Sinclair



Managing Type 2 diabetes for dummies by American Diabetes Association



Wound care at a glance by Ian Peate, Melanie Stephens



Quick diabetic recipes for dummies by American Diabetes Association

  Human Anatomy & Physiology for Nursing Students


Anatomy & physiology by Maggie A. Norris; Erin Odya



Anatomy essentials for dummies by Maggie Norris; Donna Rae Siegfried



Understanding our muscles by Lucy Beevor



Understanding our skeleton by Lucy Beevor



Understanding our organs by Lucy Beevor



Understanding our head by Lucy Beevor

  Caring for Elderly Patients

Aging & older adulthood by Joan T. Erber


Caring for dependent older persons by Tan Jit Seng; Teo Shing Yuen

  Managing Mental Health

Teen Guide to Mental Health by Don Nardo


Teens Talk about Anxiety and Depression by Jennifer Landau (editor)


Alzheimer Disease Sourcebook by Angela L. Williams; Omnigraphics


Mental Health Disorders Sourcebook by Angela L. Williams; Omnigraphics

  Human Nutrition

Introduction to Human Nutrition by Susan A. Lanham-New; Thomas R. Hill; Alison . Gallagher; Hester H. Vorster (editors)


Food Labels: Your Questions Answered by Barbara A. Brehm


The Gale Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Food Labels by Gale Research Inc (other primary creator)


Food Allegies and Sensitivities by Alice C. Richer

  Eating Disorders

What you Need to Know about Eating Disordfers by Jessica Bartley; Melissa Streno


Teens and Dieting by Anjali Stenquist


Eating Disorder: Your Questions Answered by Justine J. Reel


Eating Disorders Sourcebook by Angela L. Williams; Omnbigraphics (contribution by)

  Paramadic & Emergency Care

Fundmentals of Paramedic Practice by Sam Willis ; Roger Dalrymple (editors)


Decision Making in Paramadic Practice by Andy Collen







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