Data Analytics
  Big Data

Big data in practice : how 45 successful companies used big data analytics to deliver extraordinary by Bernard Marr


Big data : how the information revolution is transforming our lives by Brian Clegg


Big Data for Small Business for Dummies by Bernard Marr


Big Data and Smart Service Systems by Xiwei Liu, Rangachari Anand, Gang Xiong, Xiuqin Shang, Xiaoming Liu, and Jianping Cao.


Big Data : Principles and Paradigms edited by Rajkumar Buyyya; Rodrigo N. Calheiros; Amir Vahid Dastjerdi


Data Mining : Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques by Ian H Witten; Eibe Frank; Mark A. Hall; Christopher J. Pal


Customer Analytics for Dummies by Jeff Sauro


Introduction to Business Analytics by Majid Nabavi


Data Mining for Business Analytics : Concepts, Techniques and Applications in Python by Galit Shmueli; Peter C. Bruce; Peter Gedeck; Nitin R. Patel


Excel Data Analysis for Dummies by Paul McFedries


The Data and Analytics Playbook : Proven Methods for Governed Data & Analytic Quality by Lowell Fryman; Gregory Lampshire; Dan Meers


Predictive Marketing : Easy Ways Every Marketer Can use Customer Analytics and Big Data by Omer Artun; Dominique Levin


Strategic Analytics : Advancing Strategy Execution and Organizational Effectiveness by Alec Levenson


Business Analytics and Cyber Security Management in Organizations by Rajagopal and Ramesh Behl, editors


Collect and Analyze Data by Julia J. Quilan
Publication Date : 2018-07-15


Data Analysis in the Cloud : Models, Techniques and Applications by Domenico Talia; Paolo Trunfio; Fabrizxio Marozzo


Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel by Gordon S. Linoff
Publication Date : 2018-07-15


Style & statistics : the Art of Retail Analytics by Brittany Bullard


Info We Trust : How to Inspire the World with Data by R. J. Andrews


Effective Data Storytelling : How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals by Brent Dykes


Storytelling with Data : Let's Practice! by Cole Nussabaumer


Avoiding Data Pitfalls : How to Steer Clear of Common Blunders when Working with Data and Presenting Analysis and Visualizations by Ben Jones


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