Food Science


Food Safety by John Perritano



Flavorings, Colorings, and Preservatives by John Perritano



Genetically Modified Foods by Michael Centore



What Are Vitamins by Corona Brezina



What Are Minerals by Corona Brezina



Sugar and Sweeteners by John Parritano



Gluten by Michael Centore



Organic Foods by Michael Centore



Protein by Michael Centore



Salt byMichael Centore



Starch and Other Carbohydrates byJohn Parritano



Fats and Cholesterol by John Perritano



Principles of Biotechnology by Donald Franceschetti



Biotechnology for beginners by Reinhard Renneberg; Viola Berkling; Vanya Loroch



Introduction to Materials Chemistry by Harry R. Allcock



Science and Technology in the Twenty-First Century by Elisabeth Herschbach



The Eyes Have It by Joanne Randolph (editor)



Human Biochemistry by Gerald Litwack

  Weight Management


Thrive at Any Weight : Eating to Nourish Body, Soul, and Self-Esteem by Nancy Ellis-Ordway;l foreword by Harriet Brown



Undrstanding Weight Control : Mind and body Strategies for Lifelong Success by Debvorah C. Saltman



Obesity, 2nd Edition by Evelyn B. Kelly



Obesity: Your Questions Answeredby Christine L. B. Selby



Evidence-Based Clinical Chinese Medicine - Volume 16: Atopic Dermatitis by Charlie Changli Xue, Chuanjian Lu (editors)











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