Academic Year 2018 College East
Library Club Executive Committee
President :

Tan Wei Xiang


Rejoice Anne Bautista Chicote


Sarah Hun

Treasurer :

Tan Pei Xian

Event Co-ordinator:

Vanessa Chen

Advisors :

Ms Scholastica Lee
Miss Jacqueline Elizabeth Lee

Students who join the Library Club in ITE College East would gain opportunities to develop their potential and talent in leadership and organisational skill as well as teamwork and self-confidence.


  • Core Duties
    Shelving, shelf-reading, item processing.

    All members have to contribute a minimum of 2 hours per week to carry out the core duties.
  • Special Duties
    Special duties are assigned to Members who show development potential to do more, and are able to contribute more time to the club.

    Members can choose from the various areas of special duties in Customer Service, Events Management, Publicity and Communication, to develop their leadership and related skills.

    Customer Service
    Conduct user training on self-service of self-check-in and self-check-out facilities.
    Perform simple counter duties.

    Events Management
    Organize activities and events in library (e.g Thematic Display).
    Work with other CCA clubs to plan events/exhibitions in the library.

    Publicity and Communication
    Promote library collections, programmes and activities.



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